My name is Marketa. I’m 38. I’ve painted since childhood. I have always painted people.  When I first took  an SLR camera in my hands and started shooting, it was like a painting.

I love human faces. How to show what is behind them. Photograph or painting, I never get tired of it.

Wedding Photography is more than a story. It’s art, the pursuit of beauty, openness to the emotions of others.

Wedding photography is gorgeous. It is a day filled with love. Loving people are so beautiful. I believe in love, and I believe that my interest in people is reflected in my pictures.
Children are a miracle. We have three. They are an inspiration for me. They are my life. I like to take pictures of them. Sometimes they are angry, but then all of them love the album. We sit on the couch and then laugh together a lot, and my husband and I for a while, reflect back. Family photos are a valuable treasure.

I think that I can photograph well with children. I have the patience to do so, and for me, photographing them is a joy.